Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates)

Rapid population growth - Nikkei BizGate - Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates) Middle East of the upset is not fit. Although the forces of extremists to repeat the brutal terrorism [Islamic countries] (IS) has declined from a time, the battle still continues. Nuclear issue and the Israeli and Palestinian conflict Iran also exit is not visible. On the other hand, increase in population, the region that economic growth is expected is also a promising market for Japanese companies. If captured, whether or if we go out in the Middle East of the current situation was chaotic, we consider in the series. Gaze [era after oil] And say the Middle East in Japan, reported the only thing meantime conflict and terrorism, it is less likely that the economic and social aspects are covered in the press. However, Japan is also today, has imported a split of crude oil of the split and liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Middle East Persian Gulf region, for Japan's energy security, the Middle East continues to be a most important area. Resulted in a decrease in medical care of penetration of infant mortality rate in the Middle East, as a result, the population there is rapidly increasing, society is in the middle of a big transformation.