Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates)

Keidanren: hope in the new cabinet (0-0-)

Exchanges with Osaka / Dubai City (United Arab Emirates) Intensifying US-China trade friction, ever-approaching British EU withdrawal, the Middle East confusing, stalemate and followed by North Korea and Japan-Korea relations, the international situation has deepened the confusion, increased the uncertainty of the world economy there. Against this backdrop, in Japan through the former member of the House of Councilors election, it has become a stable political continues. The new Cabinet, under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Abe, and carrying out a bold reform, to demand that build the mechanism of the new stable growth of the Japanese economy. Top priority is the promotion of the growth strategy centered on the social implementation of the Society .0. This date to the Cabinet decision [large-boned policy 0], determine the steady and rapid realization of such [growth strategy execution plan] as well as [the world's most advanced digital national creative declared public and private sectors data utilization promotion basic plan]. Economic structural reform is also urgently needed.